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Knew it was to good to last

Honey moon over

Have to write quiz

Don’t want to write quiz

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Blowing birthday dough at the nino!

Blowing birthday dough at the nino!


you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time

This is a text post. Do not read

Sometimes life really gets you. No one quiet understands, but good sex eases the mind.

So I’m doing school and stuff, top of the class thus far so that’s cool. My dad married a mexican, every time I call my grandma she’s crying and deeply depressed about how she has nothing to show for her life. But really her grandson has received the longest sentence in Canada since the death penalty was removed, her one son has nothing to show for his life and my father is even more of a disappointment. School has educated me on the health effects of being depressed especially for old people, so this concerns me. I don’t know what to do to help her and it’s killing me.

"I know they are hot, I’m just not attracted to them" words of my boyfriend. The one thing that keeps me calm is knowing I have the bomb of relationships. My friends date these assholes who either drop them or they cheat on, just because they are hot and someone hotter just may happen along. Chick friend número uno dated a guy for a total of a month and a half then got engaged and married over the summer like WTF, he’s in the Hells Angels and doesn’t even have a bike. She complains she has no friends anymore but that’s what happens when you’re in a controlling hell hole like that. Friend 2 is dating a 26 year old Australian who is travelling the world currently and she’s naive enough to believe he’s not gonna cheat while being gone for months on end, like get a fucking clue and stop using men as a scape goat for the rest of the problems you have in your life you damn slut. My males friends I just will never understand, how can they all pass around the same woman, nasty.

I have decided to take a pay cut in exchange for enjoying the shit out of life. Free mountain riding passes are what my winter will consist of. ROAD TRIPS FOR DAYS.

This has been an overall pointless post, however, I feel much better.

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If you think what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger you haven’t been hit hard enough yet.
What doesn’t kill you makes you forget your name.
What doesn’t kill you gives you post traumatic stress disorder.
What doesn’t kill you just makes you hate your life.
What doesn’t kill you makes you wish you were dead.
What doesn’t kill you makes you jump at the slightest noise.
What doesn’t kill you makes you an alcoholic and an impossible person to live with.
What doesn’t kill you makes you hide in a corner and draw the shapes so no one can see it.
What doesn’t kill you nevertheless kills the other people in the car.
What doesn’t kill you..
Eventually you figure out the way to put it in a box, to close that box up tight, with a little padlock, and stick it on a shelf, in the room, in the house that you don’t go very often.
You always know it’s there, it never leaves the back of your mind. But it doesn’t have to rule you.
And one day, one day far away from now you might even pull yourself up short and realize, like a shot, that you haven’t even thought about it for days.
What doesn’t kill you will always be waiting there in that box. Like a steel rod in your leg. Like a scar over your eye.
It doesn’t make you stronger, that’s the stupid lie. But try as it might.

--Anders Nilsen, Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow  (via floriental)





i guess i never posted this.. wow.skadi // theresa manchester // california


i guess i never posted this.. wow.

skadi // theresa manchester // california

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